Reading Reflection




1.) What was your favorite thing about reading this year?

My favorite thing about reading is all got to picked and read our own books.

2.) Do you think your reading has improved this year? Why or why not?

yes because, all the teachers I haved they all taught me the basics and etc.

3.) What was your favorite book? Give 2 reasons why.

Dr. suess green eggs and ham.
1. Because be I love Dr.suess
2. Because i was always reading it when i was a baby.

4.) What genre will you try next and why?

I would try mystery because I read a book that look good on the cover. I read it and it was great so I started reading mystery.

5.) Did you participate in the Battle? Why or why not?

Yes I did participatein the battle, Beacause I read at least 6 books before Jan.27, 2012.And I had to take and pass at least 6/10 books.but I missed it because i was sick.