Ahvon Mitchell's 11/16/11

Goal Settings

My Goal 1.) Academic:Pay better attention in Spanish.

Action Plan for Goal 1.):
1.) Trying not to get in much trouble.
2.)Tell the truth when asked.
3.)Taking more time practicing being respectful in Spanish.

Reflection 3/14/12

I think I am at a 4 but I'm trying to go to the right path to go to route 5.I am not getting in much trouble. I always tell the truth.I am being more respectful not talking smart. I can start working on being nice.

My Goal 2.) Behavior/Organization:Listen to the teacher more , and be more respectful.

Action Plan for Goal 2.) :

1.) Get more Bull's Eyes!
2.) Stop blurting out!!
3.)Stop interrupting the teacher .
Reflection 3/14/12
I think I am at a 4 and I am really close to the 5. I am really don't blurt out or interrupt at home.I will start working on being better at home and at school!!
Ways Mrs.Halverson can help me are:letting me come in once a week practicing to do my best.

Ways my family can help are:helping me at home and checking after I'm finished with my homework.

Reflection about my goals this week

In my goal number 1 I'm doing very well because in Spanish I really ,really tried to not get in trouble. Also, I tried very good and I didn't
get in trouble. Well, mostly I always tell the truth so, I got that down pack.Also, I really take more time practicing to be respectful because
this week and last week I didn't get any Aim Higher's all I got Bull Eyes!!!! In my goal number 2 I'm doing very well because I am being more respectful
but, I stopped interupting the teacher and the class. So that is a extra point for me.


Things for which I am Grateful for is a personal narrative!!!!!!!
By: Ahvon Mitchell 12

I am grateful that I have a really nice house because many people don’t have a house. I am also grateful for having a family because most people are lonely. I am grateful for school because most people don’t have education like me. I am also grateful for having grandparents because most people’s grandparents are deceased. I am also grateful for my parents because I need a guardian to watch over me and my brother and me. Also, I am grateful the nicest teacher ever Mrs. Halverson to learn from because most people don’t have a teacher to learn from.
Anyway, I am also grateful for my dog to watch over me from any hurt, harm, or danger around us. Also, I am thankful for having friends, I am grateful for them because most people don‘t have any friends because they don’t have any people around them. Also I’m thankful for food because some people don’t have enough money to buy food. Now I think everything is super nice so I am grateful for them.

The Blissful Teacher is a narrative!!!!!!!!!
By: Ahvon Mitchell

Spooky Story
is a personal narrative!!By: Ahvon Mitchell

Yikes! The house was very terrifying. The lady ghost was screaming her lungs out. So I went in the basement. I heard a noise in the room then suddenly, BOOM! I couldn’t see. I was almost blind. So I sat down in this rocking chair which I never had seen before. Then I saw something. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew It was a shadowy thing .Or whatever. I was frighted. I saw a pink slimy thing. I ran as fast as I could. I slipped. Plus it didn’t matter. It was slow as a turtle. I got up and walked a little bit, I realized I didn’t want to take any chances. So I started run.Then BOOM! The police got gulped up.Then they fainted.

The End