Social Studies Reflection

Group Member's Names:Sophia & Ahvon



1.) What region did you research, including states?

Midwest. Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Alaska.

`2.) What are 4 important things you learned about your region?

That the Midwest is covered with flat land. The black hills in South Dakota is 500 ft and 400 ft wide.

3.) Where would you like to visit and why?

Ohio because they have the great wolf lodge and kalahri there.

4.) How do you feel about the quality of your brochure?

I think it is pretty good.

5.) How well did you cooperate with your partner? Explain.

We had some arguments but we got over them and got to work.

6.) What could you do better next time?

Not fight as much coopararate and work together.