Social Studies Reflection

Group Member's Names:Adolphus and Alex



1.) What region did you research, including states?

The Midwest. The states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska,Kansas,Minnesota,Iowa, Missouri,Wisconsin,Illinois,Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

2.) What are 4 important things you learned about your region?

My region farms a lot. My region has a lot of famous attractions like Mount Rushmore and Detroit. Out of all the states in my region 4 of the great lakes are touching us. We have a lot of farming land.

3.) Where would you like to visit and why?

North Dakota because I want to see M.T. Rushmore.

4.) How do you feel about the quality of your brochure?

I think we did great. It has a lot of information and pictures.

5.) How well did you cooperate with your partner? Explain.

Well at first I was trying to get him to do more because he would look at it write down a couple of facts then go away. But when the real brochure came he actually did a little more than me to make up.

6.) What could you do better next time?

I could try to relax and not rush.