1. Goal setting

Goal #1
My goal is to take my time and to check my work when it is done.
  1. I can reflect after I'm done with somethings to see if it's right or not.
  2. I can show my work and see if something looks right.
3. I can relook my work.
March 14, 2012 Ref: I'm doing good and since I've been reflect I get good grades.
Goal #2
My goal is to pratice the speed of my typing.
1. I could look at the letters to make a words.
2. I could go to a website that teaches you how to type faster.
3. I could type a sentece on a time limit.
March 14, 2012 Ref: I do type really fast and get more things done because of my fast typeing.
The ways Mrs. Halverson can help me is:

to tell me how much I've done in one day if I'm typeing a story if I made progress or not.

the ways my family can help me is:

to make a story and make me type a story with a curtin time. the larger the story the shorter the ti me.

I'm doing pretty good on the typeing and the cheack my work I'm also getting good grades


Story about when to little boys get killed because they went in to a hunted house
Spooky Story
By: Andrew Palmer

Chapter 1
The story
“Hey did you hear about the haunted house”? They say that someone died in the house while visiting it Mike said as he studied the house. Mike’s best
Friend Joey listens and replied “do you think that we should go in it”? Nahhh”
How do you think the person got killed? I don’t know?
Chapter 2:
The house
“Mike” Joey says. “Yah”. I think that we need more information on that house. Ok then. Let’s go to the library. Legend says that a rich and wealthy man loved money so much he collected it and guarded it with his life. One night 3 bad boys searching the neighborhood. The man didn’t know about the crime sense and what they do at night. Those three boys busted in to his house found the money and killed the man.2 days later the boys died too by the spirit of the old man. If you’re lucky enough you might see the rusty chair move and hear the old man moan, groan, or scream. That sounds scary. Your right.
Chapter 3
Inside the house
The two boys exclaimed they were going meet up at the house the next morning and they were about to go in the house. First they looked at the colossal house and they were demanded that they weren’t scared. Joey walked on the frail steps that were cracking every second they stepped on it. Mike opened the door and saw chair moveing with the man sceaming . they opened the door and… they were killed.

Things for which I for grateful

By: Andrew Palmer

This is about how thankful I am

I am grateful that my mom and dad can afford things for me and that they care about my education because some people are not smart and wise. I am grateful for at least living under a roof because some people are cold and scared at night. I am grateful for me to have family and friends because some people are orphans and they had to be adopted. I am grateful for the blessed life I’m having because some people are going through tough times. I am grateful for the food I get because some people starve to death and die. I am grateful to not be physically hurt or killed on purpose because some people get hurt or killed by their family. Those are the things that I am grateful for.

The Chase

By: Andrew Palmer

This story is about a police officer

One day officer Andrew was resting at the police station. Andrew had his police gear and weapons just in case he gets a call. Andrew gets a call from his walkie-talkie and it interrupts his TV watching. Its officer Pete! He’s Andrew’s best friend! The officer says” Andrew we’ve got a speeder. “He’s going over 100 mph”. “He shot my tire so my car needs fixing”. “Well where is he? Andrew asked. “He’s on lasher rd turning on to qurton rd in west Bloomfield Township”. “What’s the description”? “A black and white porch 911 boast convertible the licin plate is 587XYTS”. Looks like Andrew is going to take the doge 2011 challenger. Andrew sprinted to the car and sped onto the streets. When Andrew was in the car he found the black and white porch and flowed it back on to lasher rd. Andrew was cutting corners like it was an ease so it was no problem. Most of the cars didn’t notice so Andrew crashed in to them like they were toys! The cremails car ran out of gas so he ran out of the car, Andrew got out of his car and shot and killed the cremail. Andrew called for backup and an ambulance. That area was under investigation for two hours. After the chase they searched the car for weapons, drugs, and alcohol. They found an M-9 pistol under the seat and found 50 pounds of drugs were found in the bumper. Andrew came back to the police station and talked to Pete about the chase.

Story about when I went fishing at my camp.

Fishing on Higgins Lake

Last summer I drove up to a camp called Westminster camp and went fishing on a beautiful lake called Higgins Lake. Higgins Lake is the cleanest lake in Michigan and the 3rd cleanest in the world. I was on a fishing boat so I couldn’t cast. As I a boarded the boat I glazed at the beautiful lake and wondered about how many big fishes are there from 12 inches and over in Higgins lake? When I was sitting in the fishing boat I asked the driver “where is the fishing site”? The driver responded and said “it’s where the camps sunken diving tower was”. “It caught on fire from a lighting strike and sunk” he added. As we drove to the tower I saw dozens of fish swimming away from the motor of the boat. At last we were at the diving tower… but there was one problem I can’t see the diving tower under water. I asked the driver and he says “see that yellow metal under water “?

“Yah “. “That’s the diving tower” “wow”! I yelled.

“Now let’s go fishing.” I put a minnow on my hook and caught the first fish that was pregnant. I caught about 8 more fish.

At one point, my sister and I shared a pole. One fish yanked the line so hard the line broke off. We looked in the water and saw a big black fish that was half the size of the pontoon. That was the last fish we tried to catch. I can’t wait to go fishing again next summer.

By: Andrew Palmer

There once was a boy named Fred,
He would always yell and scream on his bed
So he bought a show,
with his friend named Joe,
then he invited his friend named Ted.

Deep as you can see
Its as purified as the sea
And as rocky as a gravel road


The coach gives us a pep-talk
Before the long walk
The lights dim as we arrive
And it gives us confidence as we stride
As the team receives the ball
I block for kick returner Paul
Paul zigs and zaged
Until he got tagged.
At the end of the game
The other team was in a lot of pain
Since we knew we would win
We had a big a big grin


Gratifying enjoyable

You confer me

I feel very blessed



By: Andrew Palmer

There once was a boy named Fred,

He would always yell and scream on his bed

So he bought a show,

with his friend named Joe,

then he invited his friend named Ted.