Social Studies Reflection

Group Member's Names:



1.) What region did you research, including states?

We had the southwest region and we researched the population density, the climate,and popular sites.

2.) What are 4 important things you learned about your region?

We learned about Alamo in Texas. And about the Hover Dam and how it is the border of colorado and arizona. The 4 coners meet with arizona and new mexico.

3.) Where would you like to visit and why?

Texas because its big and hot.

4.) How do you feel about the quality of your brochure?

We like it but we think that we could've done better.

5.) How well did you cooperate with your partner? Explain.

Great because we've known each other a long time and were both on the same basketball team.

6.) What could you do better next time?

Be on the proces better.