GOALS | writing


my goals are to make dead lines easyer to meIi need to be able to type faster (14,2012)
<1 threw 5 iam at a 4 i will be at a 5 on march,1>

  • practise more on computer
  • Iwill look at the screen wen I type
  • I will always remember the dead lines
Mother’s day card

Fun ,Kind
Working ,Cleaning,Coocker
Makes me fill good

i need to practise from my volcano from erupting (14,2012)
<1 trew 5 iam at a 3i will be at 5 on April,4>

  • I will keep from talkig
  • I will give my mouth a rest
  • I will remind my self

refllection 11-16-11

on typing iam dooning good because we do a lot more typing in school
and on my volcano is OK because wene I read my mout gets a rest so iam doing well working on my goals
No saggy pants

Iam 20 years old in the NBA
my number is 1 nnuummbbbbeerr1!!!!!!
The 1st half
0.5 seconds left
I dunked with 0.2 seconds left
I made the free throw
2 quarters later
2 seconds left
shot from half court
we WON]


I want saggy pants banned from school. I want this banned because they are destracting. They are destracting because people are thinking about the pnts instead of what they should be doing. The pants inappropriate and gross. They are because people can see your under ware.

You should play foot-ball

Foot-ball’s aw-some I like it

You need grass to play

Basket –ball

a 1.basket –ball is my favorite sport
a 2.i like when they dribble up and down the court
b 3.you need to practice every day
b 4.and concentrate along the way

a 1.be team leader pass the ball
a 2.you will be the best in basket –ball
b 3.practice running on the big court
b4.most of all be a good sport

a 1.that is what you need to do
a 2. Sometimes basket –ball is coo- coo
b 3.if you never give up
b 4.do your best I’ll say good luck