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This is where you will give a quick summary of the story including elements such as: characters, setting, conflict, solution, and plot.
Please, no spoilers or opinions in this part!
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Options for Creating the Wikitastic Book Review:
• Audacity (Must have a script/plan)
• Flip Cameras (Must have a script/plan)
• Photo Story
• Power Point
• Digital Pictures that relate to the story with sources cited.
• Microsoft Word Summary that includes the elements of the story
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1.To create a book review, click on the words New Page on the left

2, Name it: (Example: My Teacher for President-Lynn)

3. Click the drop down menu and look for the book review template.

4. Click on that and hit the Create button.

5. Complete the information and save your work.

6. Now it's time to add creativity to your project and save again.

7. Finally, link your book review template to the Wikitastic Book Review page and your student page.