Cobys goal setting. | Writing

Cobys goal setting.

Goal 1. Academic, learn all mutipliction and division facts
Action plan for goal 1:

1.) study 5 minites every night

2.) try

3.) make flashcards

Goal 2: keep my desk clean

1.) Check desk every week

2.)clean desk every 2 weeks

3.)put things in its place

11/16/11 Reflection

3-14-12 Goal setting reflection
goal 1

I'm doing the studing but not trying. so i think im between 2 and 3. i will get a 5 by absolutley try
goal 2

I cleaned my desk today. but it got messy again. i am at a 3. i can get to get to 5 by e-mailing my self every day saying "clean desk. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Saggy pants forever!

I am Coby Walton and I think saggy pants should not be banned. Sometimes you want to get one more wear out of your pants before they get too small for you. There’s more to life than just being appropriate! Sometimes you have to express your self and live life to the fullest and not cut off your blood stream. If you are sagging and your underwear is showing just pull down your shirt ore just wear a studded belt to pull away attention. That is why I think saggy pants should not be banned.
Yours truly,


XD my mom is better than yours

my limerik is better than yours